Unusual Finds in Storage Units Across the Country
Posted by storageunitsinbronxn, 01/29/2018 7:41 am

Storage Units in Bronx NY are commonly filled with household furnishings, seasonal items and things of that nature. However, people often store unusual items in these units also. This helps to explain why individuals are willing to bid on storage units without knowing what is inside. They believe they may find a treasure trove that will generate extra cash when the items are sold. What are some of the most unusual things that have been found in Self Storage Units across the country?

Space Program Paraphernalia

An individual once purchased the contents of a storage unit without knowing what was inside. When the unit was opened, it was found to contain items NASA had stored there. The items were part of a space program that had been abandoned and now belonged to a person who took a chance and bought the contents of the unit. While most people don't find unique items of this type when they bid at a storage unit auction, it has been known to happen. One can never know what's inside the Self Storage Units in Bronx when using a facility.

Human Remains

When a person packs up a household and stores the items in a self storage unit, their belongings may contain human remains. Urns with cremated ashes are commonly found in a facility of this kind, and self storage facility managers will often try to contact the family to return the remains. This is true even after the contents have been auctioned as a result of non-payment. A unit can be used for most purposes, including holding deceased loved ones, as there are few limits placed on the person choosing to rent the unit.

More Common Items

Obviously, many units do contain items that are found in most households. However, some of these items may be of great value. People often store valuable jewels, old books that are now worth money and high-dollar electronics in their unit. Vehicles and religious relics aren't uncommon, and people may use the unit to house documents they wish to keep, but don't have room to store in their home or office.

The moral of the story is to remember what is held in Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx. Don't simply put the items in a unit and forget them. People often do this, only to find they have lost items that are precious to them. Keep a detailed list and go through the unit regularly to remove stuff that is no longer wanted. By doing so, a person can make the most of this valuable aid without wasting time and money in the process.



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